Frozen in time, a 1960’s style apartment catapults us back to the very first years of the Islamic Revolution in Iran — a time when a changing aura propagated principles of selflessness and simplicity.

At this turning point in the modern history of Iran, a sense of solidarity brought all echelons of society together and styles seemed to be more humble.

In this editorial vintage items of clothing — some dating back to nearly forty years ago — are juxtaposed with contemporary designs to show that people dressed more modestly and stood as one in a country afflicted by an imposed war while the desire to boast status through material displays came later with the economic progress that followed.

As we focus forward and build a future, glancing back at our modern history could potentially add a moral touch to an otherwise materialistic-driven world.

 Scarf: Erfanmous Scarves // Top: Vintage // Skirt: Maison Araz Fazaeli // Shoes: Zheen Design

Scarf: Erfanmous Scarves // Shite Shirt: Vintage // Tool Top: Mehrnoosh Shahhosseini // Belt: Vintage // Trousers: Reza Nadimi // Shoes: La Femme Studio

Scarf: Vintage // Headpiece: Zib by Saba // Shirt: Reza Nadimi // Skirt: Vintage // Shoes: Zheen Design

Scarf: Vintage // Meanteau: Capsule Official // Shirt: Vintage // Trousers: Maison Araz Fazaeli // Shoes: Zheen Design

Scarf: Vintage // Earrings: Zib by Saba // Jacket: Vintage // Shirt: Vintage // Trousers: Maison Araz Fazaeli 

Scarf: Vintage // Raincoat: Vintage // Cocktail dress: Sanaz Nataj // Belt: Vintage // Shoes: Zheen Design  

Scarf: Erfanmous Scarves // Jacket: Vintage // T-shirt: // Skirt-trousers: Farda Design // Shoes: La Femme Studio

Stylists & Creative Directors – Ainaz GharaviAraz Fazaeli

Photography Assistance – Anita Sepehry // Amir Abbas Fathi

Text – Neda Monem

unnamed-1-copy-copy Neda Monem
Neda Monem is a Tehran-based journalist, photographer and social media advisor. She covers arts, culture, society, tech and startups.
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