Once every two weeks on The Tehran Times’ Instagram Story, we will have an influencer (chosen among Iranian Instagram accounts) as a guest to answer your questions.

As a result of this collaboration, the 10 most interesting questions (asked by TTT’s audience) and the influencer’s answers will be published in the form of an interview on our website.

Iran khanoom was TTT’s first guest.

Photo credit: Sasha Mongin

When it comes to Iran Khanoom, age really is just a number. At 89 years old, she is the Instagram star behind Sweet Sixty—a fun project to challenge the common belief that women over their fifties could no longer pull off styles that are not conservative. Iran  has always been highly conscious of her image, so her grandson, Daniel Mirzapour, decided to work from there and communicate a fun message: dressing in funky, eye-catching, and exciting styles goes beyond biological age and knows no limits.


When growing up, who did you look up to?

If you mean whether or not I had a figure, I had none. Though I have always admired Audrey Hepburn for her taste and humanitarian work.

What made you fall in love with fashion? What does it feel like to have such a beautiful and vibrant world?

I have always loved being stylish; and I think it motivates women.

Photo credit: Sasha Mongin

Would you go shopping in Tehran when you were younger? Were you always this unique?

Back in the day, most of the clothes were tailored, and there weren’t as many boutiques [as there are today]. Who wouldn’t like having a made-to-measure piece, which was also very affordable in Iran?

Does it take a lot of branded material to be considered a stylish person?

Being stylish means wearing what fits you, choosing the right colors, and dressing according to the time and place. When it comes to style, I get all classy; and I do believe that you have to hide your imperfections. [But the clothing] doesn’t necessarily have to be branded if you can find something of a good quality and taste at a fair price.

Photo credit: Sasha Mongin

In your opinion, how can the Iranian society and specifically Iranian women achieve cultural development and excellence?

The women of my country have impressively excelled and become capable in every field. If you are talking about a minority that sadly hasn’t reached that level of self-knowing, it should be said that that group needs support and respect from the men in order to realize that they [also] have values, and that they are not objects. Respecting women of a society will result in the development of that society.

How does a strong woman empower others?

I believe that strength is inherent for both men and women. But the moment a woman realizes that she can be independent, she has become strong enough. I am generally speaking, and not talking about financial aspects only.

How were you able to break the image that people have of you, and just be yourself?

People are always making [assumptions], especially the people of my country. Based on my many experiences with their (constantly changing) behavior, I try to be human, and to be myself.Photo credit: Sasha Mongin

Do criticism and offensive comments ever upset you? If yes, how do you deal with it?

Positive criticism always help me to improve. And those who insult should simply be ignored.

Being a woman from another generation, how do you define the meaning of life?

Life means ignoring and letting go of the negativities. Be patient because you have a lot to learn, and you have a long way ahead of you. And lastly, learn to love your life.

And last but not the least, do you have any motivational advice for the younger generations?

Be satisfied with yourself, but don’t be self-absorbed. Love yourself, because it is the only way you will find happiness, and happiness is the key to success.


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