None other than Coco Chanel could have better summarized the underlying idea of The Tehran Times’ Spring 2018 editorial when she said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

The goings-on within Iran’s contemporary fashion scene are reflective of “what is happening” in the country on a broader social scale: women have gradually moved forward to become today’s leaders and entrepreneurs. The country’s fledgling fashion community; therefore, is compelled to keep pace.

Backpacks which are both beautiful and suitable for use at the work place are now a common accessory designed by major global brands.Iranian designers are no exception. One such brand is La Femme who is well-aware of the needs of our women and has tastefully created what they need.

       Jumper: Sahar Jaberian // Handbag: La Femme // Shoes: La Femme

Left – Suit: //  Tie: Noorarash // Handbag: Geodie // Shoes: La Femme / Right – Jacket: Leyla Kashani // Trousers: // Tie: Noorarash // Waist- bag: Goedie // Boots: La Femme

No longer a passive consumer, Iranian women are seen taking over positions that were once solely secured for men. With this shift in gender roles it is the modern day women that drive fashion trends. In such a backdrop we see ladies sporting sermeh-embroidered neck ties by Noor Arash.

In the early to mid-twentieth century similar changes came about on a global scope. Pioneers such as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent were quick to respond. The iconic works of these giants — namely suits and the smoking designed for women — endorsed the role of women in power. Almost half a century later, Iranian designers have taken on a similar mission; a bold manifestation can be seen in the suits and shirts designed by Dupion.

While catering to the needs of level-headed classy women isn’t easy, it sure isn’t a challenge that local creative talents would shy away from. Taking into account the requirements of today’s women (namely ease, practicality, and distinctiveness) designers create styles which complement a lady’s confidence and empower her as she chases her ambitions and realizes her aspirations. The bags designed by Geodie are a great example of such an accessory.

Cocktail Dress: Sahar Jaberian // Manteau: Bote Couture// Pants: Sondos // Handbag: Geodie // Shoes: La Femme 

Shirt: // Manteau: Sondos // Trousers: Sahar Jaberian // Handbag: Geodie // Shoes: La Femme

Shirt: Dupion,ir // Jumper: Sahar Jaberian // Jacket: Ghazaleh Hassanzadeh // Pants: Sondos // Handbag & Shoes: La Femme // Belt: Sondos // Tie: Noorarash

Jacket: Bote Couture // Waist Bag: Geodie // Boots: La Femme

Shirt: // Manteau: Sondos // Skirt: Ghazaleh Hassanzadeh // Shoes: La Femme

Choker: Leyla Kashani // Shirt: // Vest and belt: Sondos // Pants: Ghazaleh Hassanzadeh

Top: Leyla Kashani // Manteau as a skirt: Bote Couture // Boots: La Femme

Creative direction and styling –
Araz Fazaeli

Fashion Illustration –

Laura Gulshani ‎

Text – 

Neda Monem

unnamed-1-copy-copy Neda Monem
Neda Monem is a Tehran-based journalist, photographer and social media advisor. She covers arts, culture, society, tech and startups.
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