Good tidings to Iranians visiting or residing in Paris this Nowruz! Groupe Monge has got a special offer exclusive for the Persian New Year.

As most Parisians feel a close affinity to Persians and know a lot about our culture Groupe Monge has decided to make it easier for us to purchase the perfect Eydi (Persian New Year present) if we might happen to be lost for gift shopping in Paris!

The Tehran Times was invited to visit their flagship store in Rue Monge and select a range of products infused with Eastern aromas. Monge Notre Dame did not disappoint, for it carries several skincare products with eastern backbones including the ones that have been mentioned later in this article — if you would like to learn more about them read the explanations provided for the images below.

In the spirit of Nowruz, Monge Notre Dame is giving out New Year gifts for Iranian buyers. This includes special discounts, gifts from best-sellers, and tax refunds to name a few. The shop has also put on a special offer for four crèmes that have been selected by the staff; this special offer for Iranian buyers is valid from March 10 to April 4, 2018.

Condensé – Smoothing Eye Serum and Anti-Aging Repulping Serum // Algologie – Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Cream

To learn about specific details drop by at Monge Notre Dame . Whether you’re looking to give yourself a scent of Iran or searching for a relatable gift for your loved ones, it’ll be worth the visit. Should you be in Paris on your Nowruz break Monge Notre Dame is located at 74 rue Monge 75005 Paris.

Florame Jasmine Body Lotion and Jasmine Dry Oil

 I have a vivid memory of my grandmother picking Jasmine flowers from our yard and tucking the flowers in her sleeve or in her brassiere to give her body a nice scent at the end of the day when she was getting ready for bed. I later found out a lot of ladies back in the day used this method as a natural perfume.
Not everyone has a small garden of Jasmine in their yards nowadays, but there are Jasmine lotions and oils such as the ones Florame provides that come very close to fulfilling the nostalgic feel of home while also moisturising the skin.

Taaj Kerala BB Cream and Himalaya Micellar Water 

The 13 day new year celebrations in Iran inevitably consist of gatherings with family and friends and subsequent parties, and since a typical Persian lady usually can’t go to these events without some sort of makeup on, we have to consider choosing our moisturiser and makeup remover wisely in order to keep our precious skin fresh for the upcoming events.
TAAJ offers a Himalayan Micellar water that consists of ingredients such as chamomile and rosemary which fit the criteria for our new year’s beauty regimen.

No conversation about Iranian ingredients is ever complete without the mention of Saffron. Saffron might be the most luxurious ingredient from the province of Khorasan. It’s the world’s most expensive spice that is derived from the threads of the saffron flower. Although it is most famously used in cooking, its secret superpower that maybe not all women are aware of is the anti-solar and moisturizing abilities it carries.

Companies such as TAAJ use saffron as their main ingredient in their BB creams which multitask by being an all in one moisturiser, foundation and sun screen. This could save you a little extra time as you are hopping from place to place.

Patyka Damask Rose Toning Lotion and Sacred Lotus Face Cream

Starting a new day or getting a good night’s sleep in the fast passing couple of weeks of the new year is always more possible if we have a good face cream to start and end the day with. The lotus is a symbol of purity in a lot of cultures including Iran as it floats lightly and elegantly on water. Hence, Patyka’s Sacred Lotus Face Cream that doesn’t contain oil or alcohol carries a great symbol for what it does for the skin.
The most famous kind of rose in Iran is the Damask. The rosewater also plays a huge role traditionally. The scent seems to ring a bell for us on so many occasions. We use it in cooking and a little while ago women splashed a little rosewater on their faces to rejuvenate the skin. As a substitute, in modern days there are Tonic lotions such as the one provided by Patyka, which combined with other ingredients gives the skin a cleanse and a chase of that familiar rosy scent. Furthermore shower gels such as Roge Cavailles’ Nectar De Rose Shower Gel can send you on a little trip back home to Iran during your bath time.

Rogé Cavaillès – Rose Nectar Nourishing Shower Gel

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