We are in central Tehran: a 1970’s style condo designed by French architects. The models are surrounded by old objects, some dating back to the Qajar Era. These elements are reminiscent of Iranian roots calling on us to acknowledge the importance of historically significant times.

The setting, rich in heritage and culture, hosts young ladies clad in contemporary garments created by up-and-coming Iranian talents next to established designers.

At times Iranian tendencies and persistence of gripping on to the past can be disadvantageous to the future. Indulging in the glory of what once was could drown us in nostalgia making us pretentious and reluctant to change. This could repress motivation which is essential for moving towards a brighter future.

Nowruz or “A New Day” is a celebration of fresh beginnings. This exclusive editorial celebrates a new start with a glance at the past and how it is complemented in contemporary times.

Styled for the Nowruz editorial, the freshly designed apparel is inspired by traditional Iranian elements and is the harbinger of better times to come. Progressive in nature, the future won’t stop evolving even when it draws on history for inspiration.

Shirt – Reza Nadimi // Handbag – House of Hashé // Skirt – Maryam Mahdavi // Shoes – Artman world

Earrings – Solmaz Panahi for Maison Araz Fazaeli // Rings – Designera // Bracelet – Nazanin Ebadi // Manteau – Sondos //Trousers – Maison Araz Fazaeli // Shoes – Lakota Special

Right : Earrings – Solmaz Panahi for Maison Araz Fazaeli // Rings – Designera // Bracelet – Nazanin Ebadi // Handbag – Geodie // Manteau – Sondos // Trousers – Maison Araz Fazaeli // Shoes – Lakota Special

Left : Top – Reza Nadimi // Manteau – Tehran By Tehran // Trousers – Salar Bil // Shoes – Lakota Special

Earrings – Nazanin Ebadi // Ring – Designera // Top – Maison Araz Fazaeli // Shirt – Salar Bil // Trousers – Ashtiani // Shoes – Lakota Special

Brooch – Nazanin Ebadi // Rings – Designera – Top // Ashtiani – Skirt // Maison Araz Fazaeli – Shoes // Artman world

Earrings – Nazanin Ebadi  // Top – Reza Nadimi // Manteau – Sondos // Skirt – Maison Araz Fazaeli // Trousers – Salar Bil // Shoes – Artman world

Stylist & Creative Director – Araz Fazaeli

Photography Team – Anita Sepehri // Amir Abbas Fathi

Make up – Nazanin Orfinejad

Text – Neda Monem

unnamed-1-copy-copy Neda Monem
Neda Monem is a Tehran-based journalist, photographer and social media advisor. She covers arts, culture, society, tech and startups.
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