Yalda is a traditional Iranian festivity celebrated on the night of the winter solstice. On this night, Iranian families get together and stay up as long as they can; snacking on watermelon and pomegranates while the elders read poems by Hafez for everyone.

For this years Yalda Iran Khanom better known as Sweet Sixty has recited the poems of Hafiz for the Iranian designers who have participated in TTT’s Yalda editorial. Iran Khanoom is a fashion blogger who has been challenging the conventional dress codes reminding us with her every ensemble that age is in fact just a number.


Earrings: Nazanin Ebadi // Top: Bonzelfi // Belt: Gazad Paris

“Morning breeze, its fragrance will exhale
The old world will once again youthfully sail.” –

Hafez ⠀

Brooch: Azadeh Aiden // Trousers: Sahar Jaberian

“Friends, unlock the locks of the Beloved’s head
On this joyous night, let the story spread.” –


Jacket: Bonzelfi

“Openly I admit, with much joy and such glee;
Enslaved to your love, from both worlds I am free.” –


Top: Sahar Jaberian // Brooch: Azadeh Aiden

“Rose petals let us scatter
And fill the cup with red wine
The firmaments let us shatter
And come with a new design” –


Kaftan: Roopaak // Earrings: Solmaz Panahi

“In the land of the Magi, none like me, can be lost
Pawned my gown in a place, in another, my books, I must.” –


Photography: Sasha Mongin 

Teaser: Wu Yang

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