The Unusual Model

We live in a time in which border has lost its concept—a time which had been a bit too inopportune for us. We live in a seperate time-space in our attractive personal bubbles and have lost connection with other bubbles. Akbar, 37 (or so he assumes), whose family immigrated from France to Lebanon and then to the south of Iran, has no idea whether his father, brother, and his two sisters are still alive. He is secluded, lives in a world of his own and creates imaginary nostalgia in a factory located on Hormuz Island. It may have been all in his head, but having practiced all these poses so many times by himself has enabled him to strike sophisticated poses, look into the lens so boldly and walk along all the attractive male models of Elle on an imaginary runway.

Here are some photos of Akbar taken by Iranian photographer Mohammad Razmjoo:


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