Appleby Bomber Jacket – Oswego Multi

Here at the Tehran Times we really appreciate Western fashion and art that is inspired by Iran or the Middle East. That being said, we imagine that if we had invented the bomber jacket, it would have looked exactly like this. Instead of the masculine, army green that the garment is originally known for, our interpretation of it would be elegant and inviting, festooned in bright and bold ‘Persianesque’ prints instead.

Though House of Hackney’s Appleby Bomber jacket is said to have been inspired by the silk roads of Marco Polo and the traditional hand-quilters of Mongolia, we cannot help to feel a little homesick just by looking at it. The distinctive six-pointed star print featured throughout the entire Oswego collection reminds us of Khatam Kari, one of Iran’s finest crafts that is perhaps as old and as complex as the inception of the Iranian identity itself. Soft, colourful and printed on 100% silk, the Oswego Appleby bomber jacket is the perfect statement coat to herald the new season and keep you warm during those early chilly spring days.

If your guilty pleasure is decadence and you’ve have always desired to blend in with your wallpaper and sofa, you’ll feel right at home with House of Hackney London. Found in 2010 by husband- and -wife Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley, the House has always sought ‘to take the beige out of interiors.’ Blurring the lines between interior and fashion, their creations are non-conformist, rich in colour, botanical and ethnic-inspired prints that kick against the prevailing norm-core of our times.

Last but not least, it’s not the first time that the House of Hackney takes inspiration from Iranian iconography and arts. One of their popular collections of all times has been Mey Meh: an entire line of furniture, wallpaper and ready-to-wear, including a limited edition Eastpack inspired by the bewildering geometric patterns of the Persian Mey Meh rug.



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Leora Sameni is a writer exploring the boundless symbiosis between fashion and art, driven by culture and identity.
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