Pink Swan Leather Top Handle Bag by Giancarlo Petriglia

Think preciousness, love and emotion. It’s this designer’s aim to create a product which exudes emotion, love and historic value. Giancarlo Petriglia’s made in Italy tag isn’t just a label but a statement to the importance of high quality handcrafted products that the brand makes in Palermo, Sicily.

You might want to, nay, NEED to own the swan bag If you’re looking to stand out in a crowd and are tired of the mundane designs out there. The detailed and condensed embroidery of the swan is the pinnacle of the bag’s design in which you can see the designer’s quality oriented approach to his products.

When you look at this “artifact”(I say artifact because here the border between functionality and decor is blurred) , you can tell right away that it’s not just a handbag but a statement piece. Iranian women love to stand out and let’s be honest, to be known for being unique is one of the highest compliments you can give to an Iranian woman. Check every woman’s (specially Iranian woman’s) closet and you’ll find at least one eccentric piece of accessory or clothing in it, maybe more than a few if you’re someone like Bjork.

You might not take the bag out of your closet except for rare occasions or you might be the type that carries around a specific accessory until your friends always associate you with it. Either way having a swan bag never hurt anybody.

If you can’t get enough of these types of vintage sophisticated designs you might want to take a look at Giancarlo’s website and also take a look at Boutique les suites in Paris. Furthermore theses accessories are sold at other sites like Vestiaire.

Go ahead, be bold.

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