output_kgjr1dPierre Hardy Open-toe pink sandal with the curved “CALAMITY”; heel.  TAJ pattern at the back/Ankle strap in TAJ pattern/Strap with silver buckle


Pierre Hardy proves that sexy is not necessarily about height! What makes these pink sandals delicious is that the proportions are practically akin to sculpture. Just observe how the chunky curved heel follows the outersole of the sandal and how the pink of the toe box manifests in contrast to the traditional Taj patterns on the back. These are shoes that delightfully emphasise form over function in a highly sophisticated manner. And never forget, good shoes take you to good places!



melodiehojabrsportaits_0005 Leora Sameni - TTT Lalehzar
Leora Sameni is a writer exploring the boundless symbiosis between fashion and art, driven by culture and identity.
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