“Shab Khosh” meaning Goodnight is the name of the series of photos that We’ve been signing off with it most nights in the past few months.

The Tehran Times decided to collaborate with its audience and ask them to send in their photos relating to a specific theme that we pick. We thought this would give you the chance to participate while affording us the opportunity to get to know their visions and tastes as well. It has been a very rewarding adventure so far.

Here are the 15 best photos from our last theme: Iran at night


“When darkness descends, the cities in Iran comes to life. Thousands of streetlights pierce the night and the sounds of street-life are magnified. People chattering, street performances, engines roaring and music pumping from passing cars combine to create a vibrant atmosphere. Restaurants and ice cream shops are great places to hang out and soak it all in, with those on the hills (the city’s roof) offering the best views.” 

Ali Mohagheghi

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Here you can see photos from our previous Shab Khosh themes:










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