By using all organic healthy ingredients, Boomi turns Iranian cuisine into a delicious, guilt-free gastronomic experience

”It was my first time embarking on a project like this”Mehrdad MZadeh tells us about the start of Boomi Persian Kitchen, a newly opened native-inspired brasserie in Tehran with an artistic and modern twist. ”The client wanted me to be fully in the project and decide everything; from the name, to the branding to the architecture. Everything! I had never done architecture before. So for me it was a new and exciting thing.”

The name Boomi comes from the word native, as the dishes served are mainly inspired by native dishes all around Iran, specifically dishes that are not commonly famous. The restaurant is open from 11:00 AM until Midnight , and patrons are encouraged to stop by at anytime to have a quick bite or a proper feast just like brasseries in Paris.

“The owner didn’t want people to feel like they necessarily need to organize a big meal in order to experience the restaurant, he wanted everybody to feel welcome even if they just want to have pastry or a cup of tea”

”It was a unique idea. It was important for me that nobody had done a project like this in Iran before so that it wouldn’t be a repetitive thing. To begin with, I took a lot of inspiration from the Shahnameh, manily three different dynasties in Persian history: the Safavid, the Zand and the Qajar dynasty. They were all very artistically bold dynasties. From the Safavid to the Qajar dynasty, there was an outstanding fusion of different areas in and around Iran which has manifested itself in the art. So the design of the restaurant is heavily influenced by that.”

With the interior design, Mehrdad wanted to tell a tale, and make visitors to feel like they were stepping right into a story when they first enter the place.

”Iranian art has always been very narrative. I wanted people to feel like they have just been invited to an old Persian house for a meal. Even the staff have clothing inspired by the Safavid, Zand and Qajar dynasties to contribute to that feeling.”
”In this day and age, I feel like we have lost a lot of touch with color. It’s almost like we’re afraid of color. We don’t use a lot of color in architecture, everything is very dark or very light. So I think the use of color is a lot of times necessary. The Shahnameh has one of the best color palettes; they’ve used very modern and exciting colors. I incorporated a lot of that into the interior design. In fact everything inside the restaurant, the dining tables and chairs, the sofas, the lighting, the artwork, was all designed specifically for the place. They’re completely unique for Boomi.”

For Mehrdad, it was of most importance that everything had a contemporary feel. From the interior design to the dishes served.

”The food we serve is very light, not heavy and oily like Persian food can sometimes be. I think a lot of the younger generation can appreciate and relate to that, wanting the food we put in our bodies to be lighter and a bit healthier. One of my favorite dishes from the menu is the shoort fish dish. The fish is directly imported from Bandar Abbas in southern Iran and is served with a lemon and yoghurt dip. I also really love the moshteh , which is similar to a crispy rice, and is also served with a dip.”

”This project wouldn’t have been possible without the people working alongside me. The Boomi team, Ms. Avisa Papoli and Mr. Assefi helped us a lot with staying unique, not being afraid of deviating from the norm and trying new things. It was my first time working with someone that highlighted the importance of being ourselves. Art director Paulette Ghahremanian from Shizaru-team helped us tremendously with the interior design, especially the graphic design and the clothing design of the Boomi-staff. SEFI construction also played a huge role in the project. Without all of these people, the result wouldn’t be what it turned out to be.”


Boom Persian Kitchen is a brasserie located in Melal Boutique Mall Rooftop, Bosnia and Herzegovina St., Fereshteh Ave., Tehran.

For more, visit, or their Instagram page @Boomipersiankitchen


Photos by Amir Abbas Fathi

Maryam Dinar  Contributor 
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