Persians, like any other culture, have their own special wedding traditions. One such custom is the Sofreh Aghd—a unique table spread made up of many symbolic items, food, and decorations, each of which represents an aspect of the couple’s new life together. At the very head of every Persian wedding table sits a mirror lined with a pair candelabras, which symbolize brightness and long life. There is also pastries, fruits, bread, coins, and the Quran, sometimes accompanied by a poetry book. As the ceremony begins, a few female relatives hold a scarf or a silk fabric over the bride and groom’s heads—who are sitting by the Sofreh—while happily married female relatives take turns in grinding two sugar loafs over the silk veil in hopes for a sweet life.

Not only was the floral arrangement inspired by the mesmerizing tilework of the Qajar era, but also the Iranian colored glasses and rosewater bottles had a significant influence on the main design of the ceremony. Moreover, it is not a wedding without the heavenly fruits: apples, grapes, and pomegranates—cut, designed, and laid out with beauty and brilliance, almost like a traditional Persian painting.

Designed, styled, and decorated by Araz Fazaeli.



Creative direction–

Araz Fazaeli

Floral arrangement–

Roni floral design

Event planner–

GSP events


Katie Grant

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