It is no secret that earthly ornaments are making a huge comeback. While diamonds were once a girl’s only best friend, today you can opt for sapphire, amber, coral, pearls or wood, without losing your dignity as a woman of style. And when we speak of ‘earthly ornaments’ it is hard to ignore the Danish label Monies, named after its founders and head designer’s Gerda and Nikolai Monies.

Since the 80’s the artistic duo and their exceptional team of designers have consistently wow’d the world with their handcrafted architectural jewelry made from natural materials such as fossils, precious stones and crystals, shells, coconut, amber, coral, cow bone, copper, special woods, seeds and stones, and 24 karat gold from Greenland.

Why we are a big fan? A designer and goldsmith, Gerda furthered her education in Great Britain and the United States after finishing the design academy and holds the high honour of being the first woman in Den Mark to be made a member of the country’s 700-year old ‘men only’ Goldsmith’s Guild! In keeping with her philosophy that jewelry should be large and provocative to stand out – Gerda states; “Big earrings, bracelets and necklaces add drama to a woman’s personality. All every woman needs is just one great piece of important jewelry.” All the more reason for us to fall in love with these stunning Monies earrings.

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Leora Sameni is a writer exploring the boundless symbiosis between fashion and art, driven by culture and identity.
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