Mercedes Castillo’s Burnt orange “Talis” slippers by Mercedes Castillo

As Coco Chanel says; “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” On the other hand, being comfortable makes people happy. This leads me to the belief that taking a break from your heels and literally being down to earth once in a while isn’t as bad as some heel fanatics think.

Enter Mercedes Castillo’s “Talis” slippers. The shoes come in burnt orange, which is a perfect colour for the seasonal transition to fall. The pointed toe and V-cut opening is said to be inspired by modern architecture but an Iranian shoe lover can’t help but be reminded of the traditional shoes worn by men in different villages in Iran known as the “Giveh”. This gives the choice of being contemporary with a hint of minimal traditionality to Iranian ladies who like to show off their culture in their attire. The delicate buckle and strap accentuates the design while keeping everything simple. As we are transitioning into fall while hanging on to the last warm days of summer, let’s take a moment to take in this bittersweet aura and glide into fall with
style. The Castillo slippers are a spot on ode to this time of year, having a not so open, yet not so closed feel to them, Sort of similar the weather that can’t really make up its mind.
Castillo had been working for 2 decades behind the scenes for such big names as Donna Karan and Tory Burke before she launched her own label. Her designs are minimal yet colourful. they give a hint of optimism and how happiness can be found in simple things. When something can be categorized as both minimal and sophisticated, it automatically gives a sense of classic style. A piece that does not belong to a timed trend. An eternal accessory.

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