I moved to Paris to study fashion. Here I studied first at an American school and then a French one, and spent years learning about the rich tradition of Western Couture and the iconic figures that have shaped it through the years. I also got to visit many exhibitions and see the masterpieces by the likes of Yves Saint-Laurent and Valentino up close, and they always filled me with inspiration. Then one day I learned about Keyvan Khosrovani; a designer from my country (for once), who had created some of the most exquisite robes I had ever seen. He had done so by marrying the age-old embroidery techniques of tribal people of Iran with the Western couture traditions, which I found truly awe inspiring. Needless to say, I was immediately enchanted by the magic of his creations. After years of admiring Mr. Khosrovani’s ingenuity and work, I finally had the honor of being introduced to him through a mutual friend, and we spoke at length. Here’s my conclusion of that conversation that I wanted to share with all of you.


My guest today is the most atypical architect and designer Keyvan Khosrovani. Born in an upper class family in 1938. He earned his masters of architecture with high honors from Tehran University, scholarship from French government to continue his studies at École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris and then to Rome to be specialized in restoration of ancient monuments.

Despite his social background he was deeply socialist with liberal and left wing conviction.

After his return to Iran started an eclectic carrier against all odds and paid a high price for being convinced that where there is no skilful manpower for ultra modern architecture in is better to respect the tradition, innovate for the continuity Hens he built his successful guesthouse in the ancient city of Nayin at its best.


As he despised the system he rathered being active teaching the young to look neat and well dressed using local fabrics via his famous boutique Number One. After few years earned credit in Tehran’s Bazar a very hard thing to achieve.


Simultaneously he felt a need to innovate Persian crafts that he judged in a lower category compared with other Asian countries. His thirteen years of working on embroidery of Baluchestan, Esfahan, Ghalamkar, Batik and brocade he realised a collection of exclusive Houte Couture of museum quality. Undoubtedly in all fields of artistic creation he was a pioneer.


After he left Iran as an exile for life, he left behind a unique legacy with the sad reality that no one since had fallowed to save and innovate the traditional architecture and crafts of Iran as he did close to half a century ago!

In order to know what he has achieved, visiting his website as: www.keyvan-­‐

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Araz Fazaeli   Founder and Editor in Chief
Araz is a fashion designer based in Paris. You can Follow him on Instagram @MaisonArazFazaeli
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