Jean Jullien x Stereo Vinyls

It was just October last year when French Graphic designer Jean Jullien and Jae Huh, long time ally and director of Korean label Stereo Vinyls, released their artistic collection. It’s not the first time Jullien and Huh collaborate to shape up ideas. The Iconic duo goes way back to their alumni days at Central Saint Martins where they were already pushing creative boundaries together. Highlights of the collection are a white and pink hoodie, a brown elongated sweatshirt and a long brown hand-painted coat with black stripes – all featuring signature Jean Jullien faces. The clothes can be matched up with a selection of equally cynical accessories such as expressive baseball caps, and a scarf and socks symbolically featuring arms and feet.

Though you might not have heard of Jean Jullien before, you are certainly familiar with one of his works. In the wake of the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, Jullien created the “Peace for Paris’ symbol that would soon go viral, becoming a worldwide symbol of unity and solidarity against terrorism. “I think through humour, if people can laugh at themselves, they can laugh at anything,“ says Jullien, typically known for his illustrations conveying ideas and messages in a playful manner. And that could just be the very philosophy behind this practical but fun collection that playfully winks at the gravity of daily life.

Want to rock one of your own around town? The collection is widely available at and More on Jean Jullien and Stereo Vinyls? Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram!

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