output_cwopasSanaz Nataj Couture, SS16 Blue Golabatoun Dress

Luxury is in the detail! If this is your philosophy, then you are at the right address at Sanaz Nataj’s snug Tehran boutique. There, she spends hours in her atelier creating breathtaking designs, turning centuries old crafts in to trend. You’ll find scarves, tops and dresses incorporated with hand-woven and hand painted fabrics, delicate brocades and floral embroideries, all sourced from traditional craftsmen from small villages throughout Iran. Our favorites are her hand-stitched floral Golabatoun sleeve details.

Golabatoun is the craft of ornamental brocade, applying silk and linen fiber wrapped in gold or silver that is carefully woven in to beautiful floral patterns on coloured silk fabrics. This traditional Iranian method of weaving goes back at least 2500 years and is one of the craft forms of ‘Zar-bafti’, brocade or gold weaving. Some traces are recorded from the Achaemenid Empire and the Sassanid era, when early Islamic dynasties flourished in the art-industry, while other traces point to the Ilkhanid dynasty and the period of Marco Polo and the Silk Road. Handed out from one generation of craftsmen to the next, these delicate weaving techniques are part of some of Iran’s best-kept secrets.

You’re not really Iranian, if you don’t fancy a little glam! For as long as I can remember, we Iranians have never been afraid to show off character and an appreciation of life through varied forms of ornamentation. Sanaz Nataj Couture embraces this unique cultural feature, by offering centuries of tradition in a modern, playful and sophisticated frame.

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