In the fashion world there are two group of designers,  those who get inspired by worlds happenings or those who create an inspiring stories which later becomes a positive happening.

From a fashion designer’s point of view, when I created The Tehran Times, I only had the second option. I was very much tired of witnessing one headline after another with a negative report.

Maybe I wanted to do what some designers did in France in 1950’s right after the dark days of war,  most designers in order to boost the moral of people started with more colours and giving joy in their collections. I wanted The Tehran Times to show what’s beautiful about Iran and about being Iranian.

Over the years I’ve got to know many Instagram accounts from Iran, somehow with the same intention and goal as mine.

Here is 13 of our favorite Instagram pages and we are privileged to have them contribute 13 elements for our “Haft Seen around the city”.


“Reflection of Norooz shoppers captured in a mirror at Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. Mirror is one of the main elements of Haft Seen and it represents light and luminance. Wishing everyone a bright year.” —@AshkanRdn


“I set the Alarm for the earth, Its time to wake up. Spring is coming…” —@Fardn


“A basket of painted eggs are usually, one for each member of the family, artfully decorated eggs are used to represent the human race, as well as, fertility. This year I want to paint my eggs in all the colors in this spectrum.” —@Nooshbiz


” Gold fish, although a recent import from China, it has gained much popularity in being included in the Haft Seen. I have decided to exclude the fish and leave the water, which that in itself is an important element of our ceremony.” —@____MINOO


“In the Haft Seen, which becomes the centre of any Iranian household during the new year, vinegar is the symbol of accepting the hardships of life. I wish you all a year free of difficulties, filled with happiness and comfort.” —@Marimoq


“The most important elements of Norooz lie in the little things that occur during this period… Such as the first gifts of Norooz, which are inspired by the vitality and beauty of spring. Another, in a Hyacinth’s aroma, so very pleasant to the nose, it signifies the turn of the season and the rush for preparing a Haft Seen.” —@AlirezaShapoori


“The Sumac shrub bears a red sour-tasting fruit, which is then dried and ground to produce a tangy crimson spice. In setting the haft sin table for Norouz, Sumac is representative of patience and tolerance.” —@SabaNassiri


On Iranian new year’s Haft seen, Sib or Seeb meaning apple symbolizes health and beauty. I wish you a year filled with sib upon sib.” —@AlirezaKhatibiii


We have a saying in farsi “Cheshm o deletun sir / چشم و دلتون سیر”. In technicality, this means “I hope your eyes and heart is full/satiated“, but because of the double meaning of the word “Sir” (garlic or Satiated) it could also be saying “be happy with what you’ve got and this garlic will protect you from illnesses and evil” —@SepidehFarvardin


“Senjed symbolizes affection towards others and mindfulness, I hope we all have a year full of mutual respect” —@alrez_art


“Samanu, yet again another symbol that represents newness and the germination of seeds, made out of wheat germ, it provides the idea of a bountiful year.” —@Lnazzzzz


“Seeking light, drinking dew, intoxicated. Thee, my beloved green shoots, remind that the most relentless greynesses shall pass. Joyous shoots, thrust emerald toward the light greydays are done, new life begun, Norooz begun.” —@AliMohagheghi


“Every side of a coin has just another story to tell, flip & enjoy.” —@BigSoroush

Araz Fazaeli   Founder and Editor in Chief
Araz is a fashion designer based in Paris. You can Follow him on Instagram @MaisonArazFazaeli
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