With its name inspired by the acclaimed Naderi Café in Tehran, the twentieth-century hotspot for Persian writers and philosophers in Iran, Café Nadery is a unique and charming take on a bohemian coffeehouse, located in downtown Manhattan neighbouring N.Y.U. Advocates of the Persian cuisine might be shocked by the scarcity of kebabs on the menu, but this is what has made the café a place to be engrossed in nostalgia and the familiar scent of the motherland for many young Iranian-Americans in New York.


Everything from noon paneer sabzi(goat cheese on Persian naan with a range of fresh herbs) and Persian omelette, to loobya polo (a spicy rice and green beans dish) and Persian halva can be found on the ever-evolving menu.  Persian cuisine emphasis chiefly on fresh herbs, chutneys, yogurts and other hearty foods.  Ghormeh Sabzi, a dark-green stew packed with herbs, red beans, dried lemon and beef, is a must-try dish in the Persian kitchen and one that Nadery has managed to execute impeccably.


Evenings are times of hobnobbing, as there is always some sort of live music performance or an event being held. With the roomy and modest décor of the café and the lack of a stage, visitors get an intimacy experience beyond recognition as they gather with their craft beers, California wines or a cup of one of the many Persian chai varieties served at Nadery in hand, revelling in the oud performance or poetry reading of the night.




Maryam Dinar  Contributor 
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