Atelier Kikala Plastic Silver Earrings FW16

Georgia’s notable wine culture has made the nation the Italy of Eurasia, but the uninhibited experimentalism of its creative scene feels more like London, Antwerp or Tehran. A new generation of Georgian artists and fashion designers has risen and the global fashion press has noticed.

One of these rising stars is the Tbilisi based Atelier Kikala, an independent label lead by photographer Mamuka Kikalishvili and creative director Lado Bokuchava. Discovered by Vogue, the label has quickly grown out from Georgia’s favourite, to global fame. The Kikala aesthetic is feminine and avant-garde –with magnificent contrasting details and layering. It’s hard to pick one coveted item, but these plexi earrings remind us of the flashing city lights of Tehran during the its vibrant evening bustle. Each set is cut in two colours, allowing a playful interaction between the forms that overlap each other, creating contrasting layers and new dimensions. Exuberant and timeless, these earrings are the perfect go-to for your signature Daniel Mirzapour clutch and are sure to make heads turn season after season.

Like to see them in action? Watch the Atelier Kikala FW16/17 presentation here, where they dangle off the models’ ears as they gracefully walk down the runway during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi.


melodiehojabrsportaits_0005 Leora Sameni - TTT Lalehzar
Leora Sameni is a writer exploring the boundless symbiosis between fashion and art, driven by culture and identity.
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