The Tehran Times Exclusive Interview: Alireza JJ, Nassim, and Sijal


1- What is the biggest misconception about you guys?

What we always try to do in our music, is go after original subjects and ideas, and try to have our own vocabulary and use words that are not usually used in Iranian songs.

The biggest misconception about our group is that our songs are superficial. In fact a lot of thinking goes behind ideas in our songs.

2- “Pir Shodim vali bozorg Na” is unique in a way that it deals with friendships between boys and girls as oppose to the romantic cliches we hear in countless Iranian songs, what inspired you to write this song?

We are always attracted to ideas more than anything else, and we were inspired by a song by Jacque brel called jeff, where he is talking to his friend who is a guy in that case and telling him to get over a relationship, we liked the concept so we added a twist, where me and jj would try to get nassim to get over a break up.

3- What do you have to say to those people who question the explicit language you use in your music?  

We dont think about it that much, the important thing for us is the story, and the subject of the song. if a certain feeling is conveyed better using a certain curse word we will use it, and if a song doesn’t need a explicit language we wont use it, so people who dont like to hear that kind of language in a song, can always not listen.

4- Palang? 

Sijal: On the first hearing it may seem like a comical that is aimed at people who have no morals, but in fact it is a subtle critique of how some girls in Iran are actually live their lives.

5- Most of the group members are guys, do you ever write songs from a woman’s perspective?  

Usually the choruses that nassim sings is from a woman’s perspective for example the song cigare soorati, also pesare bad is a song totally from a woman’s perspective.

6- What annoys you about Iranian pop songs? 

The most annoying trend in Iranian music is the repetitive subject, that is either about guys obsession over girls, or very serious social criticism; there is nothing humorous or cool in most of the songs.

7- Who is that unexpected Iranian musicien that you like?

There s a rock group called Comment Band, they are the first pop/rock group that actually produce listenable music in Iran.

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