“I tend to mix the past with the present to try and create something new and fresh, but the constant repetition is always there.” – Ali Akbar Sadeghi

With well over 60 years of experience in the art world, Ali Akbar Sadeghi’s unique style is a mixture of rich Persian miniature and surrealism. By using recurring Persian motifs and signs and combining them with a sense of imagination, he has produced works of art filled with motion and magic.

Ali Akbar Sadeghi is not just a painter. He is a masterful storyteller.

Sadeghi’s collaboration with the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, better known as Kanoon, began with book illustrations and later led to seven short animated movies which won him more than 15 awards from international film festivals.

After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, he no longer worked with Kanoon.

According to him, out of all his work in all the years he has been creating, his most favorite piece is always his last.

With the 11th Tehran International Animation Festival coming up, we sat down with the man himself in his personal studio to talk about where it all started, his early experiences as an animator, and more.

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